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    Контакт центр: +38(098) 544-62-52, +38(066) 957-95 80




    If you already have the results of CT – research, you can use the service “Second opinion”.

    This service enables patients to obtain independent advice from leading radiologists of Ukraine.

    The service of the wheelbarrow is a review of the dostandzhena by the method p_dtverdzhennya abo sprostuvannya vysnovku. Especially, the purpose of a flash drive is by folding with the use of mines and campes, so that they can decide to take a decision on the course of his work.

    Otsіnyyut held doslіdzhennya dosvіdcheni fakhіvtsі: professors, doctors of medical sciences, candidates of medical sciences and lіkіrі vishhoa kvalіfіkatsіynoi category. Tse daє guaranty of the visibility of the servants, they nadayatsya.

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