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    Контакт центр: +38(098) 544-62-52, +38(066) 957-95 80


    Neuromed Plus LLC (on the territory of the 16th city hospital)

    16th city hospital

    Short description

    Mon-Fri: 8: 00-16: 00 Sat-Su: free

    Dnipro, Bohdana Khmelnitskogo ave., 19On the map

    Patients weighing up to 130 kg are admitted



    About the Center

    It is equipped with a 16-slice helical PHILIPS MX 8000 IDT BRILLIANCE CTs. Distinctive features of these systems are high speed and quality of examination which have no analogues in the city.

    So, during one tube rotation which lasts 0.75 seconds are made 16 slices of the study area with intervals of 1 mm which allows to diagnose the smallest abnormal formations of the human body. High speed of the system can reduce the total time of examination to 10-12 seconds, which reduces the X-ray exposure dose by 30-40% compared to less advanced systems. Indications helical CT examination are very diverse – pathologies of the skull and the brain, pathologies of the spine and musculoskeletal system; diseases of internal organs; eye, ENT and dental diseases.

    The systems are equipped with modern electronic syringe MEDRAD Vistron CT for dosed intravenous injection of special contrast agents that can significantly improve the information content of examinations.

    The ultra-modern software of the PHILIPS MX 8000 IDT CT provides high-quality reformations in any arbitrary plane, volumetric 3D-images, and makes it possible to conduct complex highly specialized examinations.

    For example, examinations of head and neck vessels allow to clearly visualize atherosclerotic plaques, and constriction of the most important blood vessels of the neck, as well as congenital defects of the brain vessels structure which is essential for their surgical treatment. Computed tomography of the chest with intravenous contrast agents makes it possible to detect blood clots in the smallest vessels of the lungs, as well as to identify tumor processes in the earliest stages of their development.

    Abdominal examinations with contrast agents also allow to identify the early stages of a number of dangerous diseases of blood vessels and internal organs.

    Moreover, the system is capable of conducting a virtual colonoscopy which is an alternative to a rather unpleasant procedure – a simple colonoscopy which is related to introduction of an endoscope into the rectum.

    A special program for examination of the musculoskeletal system makes it possible to diagnose injuries and diseases of bones, joints and spine which cannot be detected by conventional X-ray methods.


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    Neuromed Plus LLC (on the territory of the 16th city hospital)