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    Our doctors
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    Survey on
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    Запись на КТ

    Recording on CT

    1.Multi-scan computer tomography of the brain

    2.Multislice computed tomography of ENT organs (all paranasal sinuses)

    3.Multi-scan computer tomography of the cranio orbital area

    4.Multi-scan computer tomography of the temporal bones

    5.Multi-scan computer tomography of the neck, larynx

    6.Multi-scan computer tomography of the cervical spine

    7.Multi-scan computer tomography of the thoracic spine

    8.Multi-scan computer tomography of the of the lumbosacral spine

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    Congratulations on March 8!

    Dear, lovely women! The team of the medical portal med-diagnostika.com.ua warmly congratulates you on the most beautiful and bright spring holiday – the day of March 8! Nature has endowed women with incomparable beauty and inexhaustible energy, spiritual tenderness and selfless devotion, vital wisdom and amazing patience. You keep the family hearth, bring up children, […]

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